Business Management – Discover an Essential Skill For Motivating People

Motivating staff is one of the key challenges that a manager will face. Keeping your staff motivated in an ever changing business environment can test the skill and the abilities of the most effective and skilled managers. However, an effective manager knows one important skill that is needed to keep their team, happy, loyal and productive.This is skill is coaching. An effective manager, above all other things, is a coach. The coaching role is essential in any team environment as it is important that each individual within the teams works together. However, coaching needs to be tailored to the specific needs of each team member. Individual needs are different therefore, the coaching needs to be applied differently. For example, for some staff an informal chat is sufficient while another team member who is lacking in confidence will need more reassurance.There are certain coaching techniques that you can use to motivate your staff to be more productive as follows:Being accessible to your team
The mangers role is to manage people therefore, a good manager is one who always has the door of their office open. This means that they are accessible and available to their team. However, it is not a good idea to hold up in your office. Make the effort to leave your office and walk round and speak to your team face to face. If your staffs see that you are a person that is unapproachable they will look for other ways to help themselves. This can undermine and weaken your position as they will end up avoiding you.Setting the Scene
A managers role is far more than delegating tasks. An effective manager will explain the ‘why’ behind the assignments and work that needs to be done. An effective manager will outline the role that each team member plays and the contribution they make.Providing knowledge and experience
As a manager progresses through the ranks they gain invaluable insight, knowledge and experience. These can be tapped into by team members to help solve problems or to come up with business opportunities in the future.Providing Resources
Managers play a vital role in assisting staff members to achieve their goals. This assistance and support can come in the form of time, funding, training, equipment or extra staff. For example, if the printing department are unable to meet the demand of the recent increase in orders the manager can give the OK for a new faster printer to be purchased.